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Newsletter ... June 2001

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A Quick Ripose ...
The Quick Ripose was developed to demonstrate how quick and painless the Ripose Technique can be. It is developed by using non-sensitive information contained in documents open to the public. This helps limit the time we need to spend with your management. We provide the following choices:
  • A preliminary Quick Ripose (for a prospect), will require a total of 1 hour of a senior manager's time (a half hour to enable them to provide us with a copy of the public document and a half hour presentation). The preliminary Quick Ripose can be delivered within several days of a prospect's agreement to proceed
  • A client Quick Ripose costing $5,500, will require 2 hours of a senior manager's time (a 1 hour goal ranking session and 1 hour presentation). The client Quick Ripose can be delivered within a week of a client's agreement to proceed
In both cases the "Quick Ripose Strategic planning - Objective" document produced from information contained in public documents will be delivered.

The Quick Ripose Strategic planning - Objective document contains the following sections:

  • A management summary - A summary of the findings. This includes an overall business scorecard (clients only), key mitigating factors supporting the weakest goals (clients only) and the key KPIs needed to turn the weakness into a strength. (If you do not find your weaknesses, they may be uncovered and exploited by your competition)
  • The goals - the 1-4-11 statements representing the 1 purpose, 4 missions and 11 critical success factors (CSF) of the organization.
  • The key performance indicators (KPIs) - The measures that are required to support some of the critical success factors
It is interesting to note that several people have raised the issue that key performance indicators are needed for more than just the financial aspect of an organization. Using the Ripose Technique, we enable management to identify KPIs for all their 11 CSFs.
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