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Newsletter ... June 2001

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  • Feature article - Ripose & knowledge management

  • Ripose architect skills - The skills you need to become a Ripose architect

  • FAQs - your questions about Ripose answered by a Ripose Architect - grade 0

  • The AIIA Showcase

If you have an article you would like to submit, or have a question about any aspect of Ripose, please contact us.

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Editorial comments

Welcome to our first issue of the Ripose newsletter from our team at Ripose.

For those who have been following our progress, we’ve decided to formalise our news and developments by producing a quarterly newsletter for your review. We will issue more frequent newsletters when circumstances warrant it.

This issue addresses a few topics, that will bring new readers, associates and clients up to speed with Ripose.

After reading one or two of the articles, some of you may say that Ripose appears to be too simplistic! Perhaps at first glance it is. However, like a formula 1 car, you need to look under the "bonnet" to find the real power of Ripose.

Please also visit the Ripose web site and the resource centre to read or print any of our brochures, fact sheets, white papers, articles and press releases.

Happy reading
Charles Richter - Managing Director

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