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Newsletter ... June 2001

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What took us so long ...
The concept of Ripose was conceived in 1970 when Charles first realised that writing superior applications was just not good enough.

He was continually asked to alter his applications to accommodate changes which were only revealed once a manager (responsible for the project) tested the application. Sometimes the problems were only revealed when other people used the application.

He found that the cost of changing applications increased dramatically due to the number of people involved and the time they spent away from their daily activities. In addition, because the application specifications did not always reflect all management objectives, multiple releases had to be tested before a satisfactory solution was achieved.

Sometimes, he found that someone else in another part of the organization was busy developing a similar application for a different set of managers using a different technology.

As if this was not bad enough, just when he thought his solution was stable, changes in technology/management/direction occurred, forcing him to repeat almost the whole of the cycle again.

Trying to develop a technique which would reduce the risks brought about by technology changes, reduce the lengthy design cycle, improve management efficiency (by eliminating redundant strategies) and reduce costs, were the goals Charles set out to achieve.


After more than 15 years of research, consulting, development and refining, the Ripose Technique was finally born.

It then took a further 10 years of research co-operating with associates and refinement to bring Ripose to where it is today.

These are some of the major changes:

  • The Ripose compilers now called the CASPAR (computer assisted strategic planning and reasoning) engine - upgraded from an earlier version of Windows to run on the latest Windows operating platform
  • The Ripose Technique itself - distilling the conceptual and logical phases into the objective and strategy components
  • Distributing our message - from facsimile to using the Internet
  • Continually upgrading our web site - from a presence to brochure-ware
  • The documentation - developed quality brochures, fact sheets, articles and white papers
  • The packaging of the Ripose products and services - the Quick Ripose, objectives and strategies
  • The support kits - sales kit and consultants' handbook
  • The training courses - added new tutorials

Ripose implements the goals Charles set out to achieve all those years ago. You can now benefit from all this knowledge and experience.

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