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Newsletter ... June 2001

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The Ripose Technique ...
When a different strategic planning technique emerges onto the scene, there is often speculation about how the organization is going to "make it" in the competitive world of strategic planning. There is even the feeling that some people expect you to fail.

Ripose does not seek to compete with the major players (well not in the short term). It is keen to provide the opportunity for better solutions for a small number of organizations that have had their "fingers burnt" with high fees and poor quality deliverables.

In doing so, Ripose provides a rapid service and quality deliverables for both the objectives and strategies components of the strategic planning cycle. This is achieved without involving the organization's senior managers in lengthy (and often expensive) workshops which, more often than not, leaves them:

  • Suffering "burn out" caused by lengthy brainstorming sessions
  • Taking their "eyes off the ball" while being separated from their day-to-day activities

Part of the Ripose Technique is to give organizations a "jump start" by providing two generic templates for the strategic planning initiative:

  • A thoroughly tested generic goals template for the objectives component
  • A superior generic information model for the business strategy component

We are mindful that a lot of organizations have either:

  • Completed their strategic planning initiative
  • Will continue to use the same methods as they always have
  • Ignore formalising their objective and strategy requirements, preferring to fine tune their operations "on the fly"
To these organizations we offer our Quick Ripose service as a means of "test driving" a quicker, more efficient and cost effective approach to strategic planning.

The full Ripose Technique is available to deliver an in depth and more detailed result.

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