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Newsletter ... June 2001

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What is all the fuss about ...
Since the automation of logic (artificial intelligence), developing and maintaining applications has become more and more expensive.

If the maintenance is successful, then it is money well spent. However, surveys have revealed that less than 25% of all maintenance projects are successful - it seems to make little difference if the organization develops the application in-house, out-sources the development or purchases a package.

This means millions of dollars are poured into the pockets of the developers without adding any real value to anyone else.

This apparent lack of success is merely the symptom of a bigger problem. On the surface the problem appears to be:

  • The misalignment of business and IT strategies
  • Poor change and project management
These factors contribute more to project cancellations, budget creep or reduced functionality being delivered, than poor maintenance.

Yet today more effort and money is spent on providing better ways of designing and managing applications, than on solving the real problem.

The real problem is the inability to effectively prioritise all business objectives with their supporting strategies. By effectively we mean rapid, minimizing the expenditure of valuable resources (money and management time) and aligning all management thinking.

It seems senseless to:

  • Develop a strategic plan over a 70 day period, which costs over $750,000 with its objectives being the need for a cost effective accounts receivable solution
  • Develop a strategy to develop/purchase and implement an accounts receivable solution
  • Have IT recommend and then purchase an accounts receivable solution at a cost of over $7 million
  • Take 180 days to implement the solution
  • End up restructuring the organization because the package demands it by making some managers redundant (usually those with long service and tacit knowledge stored in their heads)
  • Have to pay the vendor an additional $30 million to "tailor" the package to meet the organization's specific requirements
Ripose was developed to provide management with better options, quickly and inexpensively.
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