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Welcome to the Ripose web site 
Newsletter ... August 2001

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FAQs ...
We have received several queries about what a Ripose architect is, and the skills required to become one.

Ripose handles objects on conceptual and logical levels rather than purely on the physical level. Therefore, the skills required to manipulate (clarify, store and communicate) these objects will be dependent on each individual person’s abilities.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find you already have all the required skills to become a Ripose architect. All you would need is training in both the Ripose Technique and the use of the CASPAR engine.

Firstly, you need to understand the various grades of Ripose architects. This should highlight exactly which skills you’ll need to produce the deliverables for each grade.

Grade Description Deliverable
0 Principal All
1 Objectives modeller Objectives
2 Knowledge modeller Knowledge
3 Business strategist Strategies
4 Data modeller Facts
5 Data base designer Data bases
6 Applications specialist Pseudo code

All grades of Ripose architects will require these skills

  - Computer literacy
- Problem solving
- Research
- Self-management
- Writing

In addition, each grade requires these additional skills:


0 - All
1 - Facilitating
- Negotiation
- Presentation
- Team leadership
2 - Change management
- Coaching
- Mathematics
- Negotiation
- Presentation
- Team leadership
3 - Mathematics
- Negotiation
- Presentation
- Team leadership
4 - Mathematics
5 - Mathematics - Presentation
6 - Mathematics

If you think you have the required skills and you’d like to train to become a Ripose architect, please contact us.

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