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Newsletter ... August 2001

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In this issue

  • Feature article ...
    Ripose & knowledge management

  • FAQs
    What skills do I need to become a Ripose architect?

  • AIIA Software Showcase 5 September 2001 at Darling Harbour. See AIIA web site for more details

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  • Feature article - Business 101

  • FAQs - your questions about Ripose answered by a Ripose Architect - grade 0

  • Ripose seminar

If you have an article you would like to submit, or have a question about any aspect of Ripose, please contact us.

Please also visit the Ripose web site and the resource centre to read or print any of our brochures, fact sheets, white papers, articles and press releases.

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Editorial comments

Welcome to our second issue of the Ripose newsletter from our team at Ripose.

With the AIIA Software Showcase being held on the 5 September 2001, we decided to issue our quarterly newsletter one month early.

For those of you who will be in Sydney on the day, it will give you the opportunity to visit us to catch up on our latest developments.

As a special offer (valued at $5,500), we will provide a Quick Ripose for the first CEO who is willing to spend an hour with our Grade 0 Ripose architect at 3:00pm. Please contact us ASAP to reserve this spot.

This issue addresses a major topic which seem to be high on management's agenda, namely 'What is knowledge management'.

After nearly 2 decades of research and development into providing a benign technique to help management clarify, store and communicate their strategic plans, we have started work on writing an e-book titled 'Business 101'. For more details about this or any other issue, please contact us.

Happy reading
Charles Richter - Managing Director

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