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Welcome to the Ripose web site 
The Ripose Technique regards measures as the secondary objective.

A measure can be defined as 'the extent of a thing in length, breadth, thickness, circumference, capacity, or in any other respect; the instrument by which extent or capacity is ascertained' and according to a thesaurus, can also be an action; dimension; frequency; gauge; pattern; quantity; rule; standard or volume.

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The Ripose navigator
The Ripose navigator

The anatomy of measures
The Ripose Technique creates an anatomy of measures  by dividing them into 3 components, namely: key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics and service level agreements (SLAs) - similar to the balanced scorecard deliverable.

Step 1 - KPI discovery
During the 1-hour one on-on goals session (see goals), management are asked to identify their pertinent key performance indicators.

This is achieved by asking a number of salient questions about the weaker values - each manager should be capable of identifying 7 plus or minus 2 KPIs.

Step 2 - Ripose deliverable
Once all the important managers have identified their KPIs, the Ripose architect will a complete the Ripose - Objectives deliverable.

Step 3 - presentation
The findings identified during the objectives initiative will be presented to senior management. 

An agreement will then be sought to continue with the knowledge identification step.

The anatomy of measures

Resources brochures include:
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- Ripose architects
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