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  Training courses   Purpose

This training course is designed to address the journey through the 'anatomy of information'.

It is my contribution of providing "A better way of designing Business requirements & integrating them with Technology".

Course lectures:
1 Introduction  
2 Conceptual material  
2.1 Objectives RA1
2.2 Knowledge RA2
2.3 Strategies RA3
3 Logical material  
3.1 Facts  
3.1.1 Data modeling RA4
3.1.2 Database design RA5
3.2 Application designer RA6
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University course equivalents - 8Mb

The purpose of these courses is to introduce a better way to use time to design and develop information systems from the plethora of business and technology objects.

In the immortal words of Warren Buffett “There is no way that I will be able to buy more time".

Time management is of the utmost importance and thus far, according to my research, just about all of the approaches that I have studied fail to deliver the results of manipulating the plethora of business and technology objects.

I have also researched Immanuel Kant's body of work called his "Critique of pure reason" and compared it to a number of approaches.

The training courses are provided to deliver the capabilities of the 'information architect' (otherwise known as the Ripose grade 0 architect), who has to have the capabilities of all the other grades and must be capable of training other RAs.




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