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 Project management tool features If you would like a copy of this fact sheet in an Acrobat readable format, please contact us.

This fact sheet provides the features of the project management component of the Ripose CASPAR/compilers. 

The Ripose project management tool will enable program and project managers to effectively manage their projects - some functions are still under construction.

The following table shows the features of the project management component of the Ripose CASPAR.

Object Main Feature Available
Organisation Define the organisation hierarchical structure Yes
Define suppliers Yes
Skills Define skills Yes
Roles Define job roles Yes
Define what role requires what skill Yes
Tasks Identify tasks Yes
Deliverables Define deliverables Yes
Work Breakdown Define phases and sub phases Yes
Define which deliverable is produced in which phase Yes
Create a work breakdown structure Yes
Staff Create a request form for a human resource (HRF) Yes
Attach a resume Yes
Define personnel experience Yes
Define a prospect list from available resumes Yes
Create contracts (hire) Yes
Assess contracts for extension Next Rel
Renew contracts Yes
System Releases Define system releases Yes
Job Define programs, projects and sub projects Yes
Link system releases to a job Yes
Define job accountability (responsibility) Yes
Scheduling Next Rel
Define asset requirements Next Rel
Export schedule to Microsoft Project Next Rel
Finance Set up general ledger Next Rel
Define financial plans Next Rel
Job costing Next Rel
Purchasing Job purchase orders Next Rel
Time Recording Create time sheets Next Rel
Payable Process invoices from suppliers Next Rel
Pay invoices Next Rel
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